This nails the being right vs being happy conundrum. Let´s do this!

When you have a disagreement with a loved one, I challenge you to say 'I love you more than this argument' ~ katherine miracle ~ Great advice ♡❤

Nurse if...

Nurse if. SO TRUE! I said "yep" to all but one of them!

50 Best Bible Verses for Nurses

50 best bible verses for nurses! The Bible is always a good source of inspiration. Scripture passages can inspire us nurses especially in moving forward, in continuously caring for other people and in sharing our passion to serve .

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Gods Testimony Positive Message Subway Sign: Only God can turn a mess into a message. A test into a testimony. A trial into a triumph. A victim into a victory.

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There is more truth in this than any other nursing comment, quote, or meme that I have ever seen. ''Tis a love like no other, and a fatal flaw all at once.


Nursing Superpowers: 18 Things Nurses Can Do Better Than You - NurseBuff

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Who else could stand 12 hourd at a time, guarding against death, and risk having one's own heart broken, while wearing a smile? Only a nurse.

Best Of, “Motivational Quotes” – 40 Pics

"she turned her can'ts into cans + her dreams into plans" ~ LOVE this quote! lol i should change 'can'ts' to 'cantz' haha

250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards | NurseBuff

Funny Workplace Ecard: I wear bodily fluids that aren't mine, I work weekends & holidays, I get screamed at & have my hands in other peoples orifices. Tell me again how hard you work?