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    Artist, digital artist since 1983. Author of Adobe Illustrator WOW! Books, Creative Thinking in Photoshop, | facebook/SharonSteuer

    Paul Simon - Here Comes The Sun - Live at iTunes Festival

    How to Build A Rain Barrel. Every gardener and garden needs a rain barrel. By harvesting rainwater you can cut your bills and water your garden for free. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to build your own rain barrels, and this simple design is perfect for any outdoor space. You can connect your hose straight to it, or fill up a watering can.

    Bill Irwin… amazing…

    The intricate decoration on my friend Robin's organic squash is apparently by sort of artistic beetle! #AmazingBugArt

    Yellow pear tomato grid… and they were so sweet!

    In this YouTube playlist you can see a batch of the movies from both of my "Artistic Painting with Illustrator" courses for (part1: "Natural Media Brushes" and part 2: "Object-Creation Brushes")—tons of different artwork and tips and techniques for working with Illustrator brushes.

    Here is a movie on YouTube from my "Artistic Painting with Illustrator: Naturalistic Brushes" featuring artists in The Adobe Illustrator CS6 WOW! Book.

    Illustrator Brushes art by Raymond Larrett @PSquirreleBooks=>AdobeIllustrator CS6WOW!Book on @CreativeProse

    Another pin from a CreativePro post… using Illustrator CC auto-corners…

    New Pin to Illustrator Brushes Art: my "Chard Forest" using raster Art brushes in Illustrator (in a CreativePro article on the new features of Illustrator CC)

    One of the best live-action and 2D animation dance scenes ever with the wonderful Dick Van Dyke and penguins (there's also Gene Kelly and Jerry Mouse in Anchors Aweigh)—but this, ah this, is Mary Poppins. Julie I love you too.

    Nice—letterforms at your feet…"Urban Decay Alphabet" by @jasonramirez

    Very nice=> Faltmanufaktur Unique Butterfly Folding Business Card

    MORE sleep, more music, more tea, more books, more sunsets, more creating, more long walks, more laughter…more love

    With the exception of Mickey Rooney's racist character, I adore Breakfast at Tiffany's"…

    Ok, I can't find who took this picture, but… hard not to find Baby Panda super cute… right?

    "Gone with the Wind"… ahhh…"As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!"

    "To Have and Have Not" with Humphrey Bogart and (17 year old) Lauren Bacall. "You know how to whistle, don't ya? You put your lips together and blow…"

    This is Shirley's vitamin flower inspired by my vitamin arrangements… which in turn inspired this Pintarest board! Ask if you want to be invited to pin here, or send me the link to art to pin!

    Love this: Barca by UK based Artist Annette Gardiner

    Please email if you want an invite to post to this board. "Thank you note art" by rayacosta for my course "Artistic Painting in Illustrator: Natural Media Brushes." More info and 7 day FREE trial link:

    Lovely… Lavender Season by Evgeni Dinev, via Flickr

    16th Avenue & Moraga Street in San Francisco created by artists Aileen Barr (studio-mate at Workspace Limited) and Colette Crutcher (neighbor on my street)! thanks Faern (also studio-mate) for posting this. It looks like the photographer is @Benita Marquez —I'd love to credit her properly…

    The lovely Sabine Reinhart is the subject of the #DigitalArtistSpotlight reboot and expansion on the Astute Graphics Blog! Love your work Sabine!

    #workspaceltd #sanfranciscoartists #fos #fallopenstudios #os add! Come to WORKSPACE last weekend of October... See you then!

    REVISED: Fall Open Studios at WorkSpace Ltd! We are so excited about the last weekend of October! We have a great evening planned for FRIDAY 6-9 & Sat/Sun Open Studios 12-6 YOU HAVE TO COME! It's for ART!

    Thinking of friends and family in NY today… my 9/11 digital painting/collage from fall 2001, "From the Ashes"…

    Sabine Reinhart is the cover artist for the upcoming Adobe Illustrator CS6 WOW! Book

    "Caterpillar of Feathers" Jose Luis Rodriguez…look closely… LOVELY!