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Cool Products

Cool Products

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Muse Brain Sensing Headband Review (Giveaway) -

Muse Brain Sensing Headband Review (Giveaway) -

Poodle USB Hub

Basketball Washbasin | Babatude Boutique Please, in my bathroom NOW :)

Ping Pong Table Door

educational and entertainment products

Interactive Play Pad - All About Animals

woodDock is a wooden dock for “i” devices, you can place iPad, iPhone, iPod together and turn them into a station of entertainment, work and charging . woodDock is a product from China, available at mygeek

Geek Living Blog - Part 3

Unique beverage buckets, beverage tubs, and other outdoor entertaining products are found at Custom special market orders also available to industry distributors. $109.52

Guitar Shaped Adirondack Chair

36 Beautiful Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Designs | From up North

Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Inspiration | #985 | From up North

elegant laser cut wedding invitations EWWS022 as low as $2.09

elegant laser cut wedding invitations EWWS022

Look at this #zulilyfind! Eiffel Tower Side Table #zulilyfinds

Eiffel Tower Side Table | zulily

The Cuisinart CPO-600 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven goes where the party is. The gas-powered pizza oven supplies high heat for fast pizza cooking.

Keep the pizza party going with this Cuisinart Pizza Oven - CNET

This week's freebie, a Design to Innovation mouse with a built-in scanner, lets you scan information and directly import it into searchable, editable files

Crave giveaway: Zcan+ Scanner Mouse, a mouse that scans - CNET

A 3D printer on Kickstarter hopes to turn the tide away from filament and over to pellets to save techies money and expand printing options.

Forget filaments; Sculptify 3D printer uses pellets - CNET

Your cosmo will always be cold now. Forget frosted--the IceLiners Kickstarter project wants to ice the inside of your glass

IceLiners ice the inside of your drinking glass - CNET

The Atongm Laser Keyboard projects a virtual laser keyboard on to a flat surface, supposedly letting you type like you normally would.

Atongm Bluetooth Laser Keyboard Preview - CNET

The Archos Music Beany is a woollen hat that plays music, and is joined by a smart Weather Station and musical lamp.

Forget smartwatches, here's the connected hat - CNET

The Phorce smart bag is hitting the market with an impressive onboard battery and Bluetooth capability. One of the bag's core features is an onboard battery with three USB ports that can be used to charge phones, tablets, and laptops. The battery's capacity has enough to fully charge a laptop once or to juice up a smartphone 10 to 12 times.

Smart bag charges devices, refuses to get left behind - CNET

The Quirky Porkfolio counts your coins as promised and boasts one of the best smart home apps that we've seen. Novelty factor aside, at less than $50, the kid-friendly Porkfolio feels like a justifiable splurge -- and a good gift, too.

Quirky Porkfolio review - CNET

The Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can Opener features a unique shape. With the handle on top, the can opener is designed for lefty or righty usage.

Joseph Joseph Can-Do opens cans another way - CNET

Want a home monitoring camera? Here's an easy and affordable DIY video-monitoring system.

Dropcam Pro review - CNET

The Taylor TEMPerfect Butter Tray changes from orange to white when removed from the fridge. The visual cue helps determine when the butter is ready for spreading.

Color-changing butter tray works like magic - CNET

GPS tracking and proximity alarms are just two of the tech features stuffed into the Bluesmart smart carry-on suitcase on Indiegogo.

Bluesmart carry-on suitcase can't get lost - CNET

Sure, e-ink looks good on your Kindle. But it looks even better in the ClockOne, a wall clock thinner than a pencil that weighs only 5 pounds.

Super-thin, meter-long e-ink clock makes time gorgeous - CNET

What if humans and dogs could better understand each other? Service dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs, even our pets: it opens up a much wider range of possibilities for working together. Now there's a wearable device for dogs is designed to allow two-way communication between canine and human.

Canine body sensors send two-way communication to the dogs - CNET