Cute Tat

The L Word tattoo I placed this on my sister a couple weeks ago. She thought of the idea and placement, I spiced it up and here it is. It turned out really awesome. Rate of pictures of tattoos,


Have any trouble to find your Lotus flower tattoo design? We will help you to find it. This list of latest Lotus flower tattoo designs are very cool, cute and


If I were to ever get a tattoo I like this, but change it to Lydia using the L and heart shape. I've never thought about a tattoo before!

Why intelligent people have tattooing

Why Intelligent People Have Tattooing. So true and timing in its wisdom. ~ So what’s next? I haven’t decided yet… ‘cannot be lost, borrowed or stolen’ 'the art has been patronised by all ranks and.


An interesting thought. The Tattoo is the Mark of the Soul. It can act as a window Through which we can see inside, Or it can be a shield to protect us from those Who cannot see past the Surface!

Love tattoo

Winged Heart Tattoo Design by Denise A. Wells Tribal Heart Tattoos & Tribal Heart Tattoo Designs Two small heart tattoo on girl's left wrist.

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