this panorama is amazing. its obviously a travel because its hard to do a panorama that isnt. i love the colors and the clouds but also the contrast of the mountains to the sky


Shaharah bridge - Yemen Shahara bridge built to fight turkish invaders. Legend has it that the local people can remove the bridge in a few minutes in case of imminent danger!

Beijing Apartment by Dariel Studio.

12 beijing fantasy penthouse by dariel studio Beijing Fantasy penthouse by Dariel Studio

<> Abyss Table by Christopher Duffy - Layered wood & glass

The Abyss Table – is an amazing nautical-themed coffee table that looks like ocean depths; I think this layered glass and wood table is a bit more work of art than it is a piece of furniture. Photos (c) Duffy London

Geometric Reflections in Landscapes Create Abstract Realities - My Modern Metropolis

Geometric Reflections in Landscapes Create Abstract Realities

New York based graphic designer and photographer Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria has created this photo manipulation series of landscapes entitled “Geometric Reflections”…

Glass floors allow residents to look down from a dining table into a toilet inside this windowless concrete house in Shanghai.

House by Atelier FCJZ has glass floors instead of windows

Atelier FCJZ - Vertical glass house, designed in 1991 as part of a competition in Japan Architect magazine, and built in Shanghai in 2013