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Landscape Reversals

Landscape Reversals

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Geometric Reflections in Landscapes Create Abstract Realities - My Modern Metropolis

Geometric Reflections in Landscapes Create Abstract Realities

Iceland: “Blue Jewel by Sarah Martinet

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  • Paula Harder
    Paula Harder

    North Rim GC

Lebbeus Woods, Architectural Drawings That Gleefully Ignore Reality | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Architectural Drawings That Gleefully Ignore Reality
  • Mark O'Gara
    Mark O'Gara

    That drawing is by Tom Ngo, rather than Lebbeus Woods ;)

Beijing Apartment by Dariel Studio.

Beijing Apartment by Dariel Studio | Home Adore

Yesterday two deer brought traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge to a halt!

  • Wonderful Idea
    Wonderful Idea

    Aww...poor things

  • Cheryl McGregor
    Cheryl McGregor

    Did they get a fine for not paying the toll?

  • Gudrun Bird
    Gudrun Bird

    Cheryl, you made my day!

Glass floors allow residents to look down from a dining table into a toilet inside this windowless concrete house in Shanghai.

  • Tara Womer
    Tara Womer

    LOLOLOLOL. I so wish it had been real.

  • Curtis Whaley
    Curtis Whaley

    Now it makes sense

  • Joyce Blodgett
    Joyce Blodgett

    But if one reads the entire article, this prototype DOES house visiting artists--they actually do live in it for short periods of time, and it functions perfectly as a real house.

  • All World Furniture
    All World Furniture


  • Zetro Light
    Zetro Light

    That's... beautiful.

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Young men perform daring aerial dances in a crowded New York City subway car.

Video: Subway Ballet

Herzog & de Meuron creates natural swimming pool in Switzerland.

<> Abyss Table by Christopher Duffy - Layered wood & glass

  • Ludo Antonov
    Ludo Antonov

    That is pretty amazing

  • Debi Ingram
    Debi Ingram

    Cut his table is so beautiful!

  • Debi Ingram
    Debi Ingram

    That should have read....this table is so beautiful!

A Matter of Life and Death (1946): heaven

Michel François - Walk Through a Line of Neon Lights

  • Will LeSuer
    Will LeSuer

    Yeah those are fluorescent tube lights

  • Mary Lou
    Mary Lou

    What everyone above said! Oh, and WHY?

  • Jennifer Kay
    Jennifer Kay

    Oh, but I bet it made wonderful sounds.

  • Heidi McCullough
    Heidi McCullough

    More like "Ride your bike over neon lights" since if you were walking you wouldn't break all of them.

  • Christina Gurnell
    Christina Gurnell

    So cool

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collection of vintage floor lamps light shades + creative thinking = upcycled lighting installation (Northern Steamship cafe in Auckland, New Zealand)

  • Mindy Duncan Thompson
    Mindy Duncan Thompson

    I have always loved the idea of regular table and floor lamps hung upside down from the ceiling

  • Anna Claudia Sant'Anna
    Anna Claudia Sant'Anna

    Patricia Marinho Mell Dells! Coisa mais linda!!

  • Kat's Miau
    Kat's Miau

    mad hatter

  • Candice Galvan
    Candice Galvan


  • Maja Sabanovic-Corridon
    Maja Sabanovic-Corridon

    Great idea

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A reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth's surface.

  • Kryss Maddock
    Kryss Maddock

    Hmm... Now how can this be exploited? ...

  • Madelyn Kidder
    Madelyn Kidder


Alberto Burri ~ "Grande Cretto" (1984-1989) Gibellina. The piece commemorates the destruction of the Western Sicilian town of Gibellina in a catastrophic 1968 earthquake. Area over 120 000 square meters | 1 300 000 sq ft.

Open air theater and rain water collector. Hollowed out in the field, allows you to create a dam for storing rainwater. When empty it can be uesd for open air theatre. Estudio de Arquitectura y Paisaje. Architecture and landscape studio.

  • Angela Koenig
    Angela Koenig

    how would this not turn into a nasty mosquito nest?

  • Chadáe Frank
    Chadáe Frank

    It'd be a dam? So then the water will be filtered through for use, this no sitting water

  • Milk Mayo
    Milk Mayo

    Good point. :)

  • Angela Koenig
    Angela Koenig

    Thats good lol

  • Su Junyu
    Su Junyu

    great idea, but need more detail to be solved

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Honda Illusions, An Impossible Made Possible - New CR-V 1.6 Diesel Video

Hand-built floating cabin in Perry Creek, on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine. Photographed by Marcus Peabody.

  • Shelly Dolan
    Shelly Dolan

    Tracee Dolan

  • Lizette Boulanger
    Lizette Boulanger

    Love, love...

the hall

  • Anne Sotelo
    Anne Sotelo

    Great Beauty

  • Heather Koch
    Heather Koch

    cool and awsome

  • Michael

    Where is that?

  • Caroleen L'Oz1
    Caroleen L'Oz1

tiny pencil

grain editRecently Received

The third tallest building in the world, the Abraj Al Bait in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, pictured here under construction in March 2011

  • Cathie Glover
    Cathie Glover

    Seems like a the Tower of Babel.

San Francisco. Vintage photography. Golden Gate Bridge with suspension cables and not enough road yet.

Vintage photography #4
  • Robert Noles
    Robert Noles

    Fantastic photo! Only been across it six or seven times, but this makes it real!

  • Empire Business Developers
    Empire Business Developers

    What an engineering marvel.

Man-made craters, scooped out of granular lava cinders, shelter grapevines - from National Geographic, 1969. In La Geria, Lanzarote, the Canary Islands. "This technique gathers water from rain and mist and keeps the plants from the burning Saharan winds."

  • michael behrens
    michael behrens

    That awesome

  • Alistair



but does it float
  • J. E.
    J. E.

    Actually an old photo of Chicago as seen from the John Hancock. Love the fog rolling in off the lake.

Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain. Created by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth.