Ridiculous Names in Pennsylvania

Ridiculous Names in Pennsylvania

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Virginville, Pennsylvania

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  • Alisha Thomas
    Alisha Thomas

    Hopeful and Climax Georgia are pretty close. We also have Butts and Pickens county

  • Jody Galloway
    Jody Galloway

    there is also an intercourse, pa

  • Veronika Kierzek
    Veronika Kierzek

    There is a Virgin and a Beaver, Utah..........and the famous Regina , Sask. Canada

  • Typothecary Letterpress
    Typothecary Letterpress

    I grew up in Virginville! Hilarious to see it on Pinterest!

  • Scott Howard
    Scott Howard

    I take it that no one has been "in" virginville.

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Climax, Pennsylvania

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  • Christie Heroux
    Christie Heroux

    Try Humptulips, WA

  • Jessi Robbins
    Jessi Robbins

    Normalville, PA is a town...my grandma lives there.

  • Pat Bucher
    Pat Bucher

    Well, I guess that explains Intercourse, PA

  • Vito Lumetta
    Vito Lumetta

    Don't forget Dry Prong, LA which is just above Hotwells, LA.

  • Wildheart Design
    Wildheart Design

    I've been to French Lick IN which is close to Bean Blossom and Santa Claus. I don't think we Canadians have silly names like that. Except for Punky Doodle's Corners in ON.

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Lickdale, PA

Swatara State Park

  • amy green
    amy green

    Haha - I pass the exit for Lickdale on 83 all the time. It was always a funny name...but got awkward when my cousin was married to a guy named "Dale" :P

  • Cindy Kelly
    Cindy Kelly

    Don't forget to add Mars, PA

  • John

    Bird in Hand, blue balls, paradise and of course Intercourse PA

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

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  • Caitlin Nolen
    Caitlin Nolen

    Grew up in Lancaster County, PA. Been here. Very nice.

  • Peggy Lou
    Peggy Lou

    We stayed here one night during our honeymoon. Thought it was cute.

  • Karina Buikema
    Karina Buikema

    Once upon a time that word didn't necessarily have a sexual connotation, but human interaction of friendliness. Good old days.

  • Julie Yates
    Julie Yates

    just south of Intercourse is Paradise, PA ;)

  • Aged Woods
    Aged Woods

    Bird-in-hand and Blue Ball are just down the road.

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Blue Ball, Pennsylvania

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  • Jen Pratt
    Jen Pratt


  • Elaine Cashion
    Elaine Cashion

    Been There.

  • Caitlin Nolen
    Caitlin Nolen

    Very nice here too. Actually is a blue ball hanging on a building.

  • Norma Burkett
    Norma Burkett

    i agree, ridiculous names, but I have been to most of them.

  • Leann Iacuone
    Leann Iacuone

    Yes seriously and I know exactly where this is.

Bird-In-Hand, Pennsylvania

File:Bird-in-Hand, PA Keystone Marker.jpg

  • Elaine Cashion
    Elaine Cashion

    Been There.

  • Amy M
    Amy M

    Newfoundland has some great community names too, like Blow Me Down, Come-By-Chance, Pothead, Dildo, Conception Bay, Cow Head, Heart's Desire, Heart’s Content, Nick's Nose.

  • Karen DeWalt
    Karen DeWalt

    don't forget Intercourse and Blue Ball PA

  • Melanie Hart
    Melanie Hart

    Great bakery there . . . Bird-in-Hand Bakery right on the main drag.

  • Roswitha Firth
    Roswitha Firth

    I made the drive from Philly to Harrisburg once intentionally staying off the highway so I could drive through towns like this one. Bird-in-Hand, White Horse, Black Horse, Intercourse, etc. Fun drive. Beautiful scenery.

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Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

  • Jacqueline Meyer
    Jacqueline Meyer

    Reminds me a little of parts of Cincinnati! :)

  • Aleasha Jackson
    Aleasha Jackson

    Lol my aunt and uncle live there!

  • Cheryl Thompson
    Cheryl Thompson

    This is where I am from Evan! lol

  • Suzanne Bruening
    Suzanne Bruening

    I lived there for a semester, while I student taught in college

  • Keith Wagoner
    Keith Wagoner

    What in the hell???

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