Vintage Postcard.

Ziegfeld Girl: Myrna Darby ~ Performed in Ziegfeld's musicals" No Foolin'" "Rio Rita" "Rosalie" and "Whoopee" – Also performed in The Ziegfeld Follies of 1925 and Photo: Alfred Cheney Johnston.

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▫Duets▫ sisters, twins & groups of two in art and photos - fashionistas, 1909

France, 1909 vintage fashion 00s walking dress hat sheer sequins 10s

Corsetry, top hats and ruffles: 1900s fashion reimagined for the Edwardian Ball

1900 Any educated person knows this: the belle époque is the most unfortunate moment of dress. Corsets, polisones and feathered hats, but without the grace of the XVIII.

British singer-actress ISABEL JAY Edwardian Era. Vintage

Edwardian Princess Dress: Miss Isabel Jay as ‘Princess Marie’ - 1909 - The King of Cadonia - Ermine trim Gown - Prince of Wales’ Theatre

1901, Septembre - Les Modes Paris - Princess dress by Blanche Lebouvier

Septembre - Les Modes Paris - Princess dress by Blanche Lebouvier. Turn of the century Victorian/ Edwardian Belle Epoque fashion.

Camille Clifford, "The Gibson Girl" c. 1904

Camille Clifford was a Belgian stage actress and the most famous model for the "Gibson Girl" illustrations. Her towering coiffure and hourglass figure defined the Gibson Girl style.

Mlle Pollaire

“Actress Emilie Marie Bouchaud, aka Polaire, was well known for her dramatic and often shocking appearance.