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Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography

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汪蕪生 / Huang Shan / via Charlie Loyd

Hair and beauty

Dramatic composition by fotowagner

Detail of an once-in-a-lifetime image of a Man Feeding Swans in the Snow in Krakow, Poland by Marcin Ryczek.

  • MamaB

    Wow ! That is a fantastic image

  • Margarita Volker
    Margarita Volker

    beautiful and a work of art!

  • Sasha Witte
    Sasha Witte


helloboneshelloheart: Barracuda surrounding a diver off the coast of Sipadan, Malaysia (by David Doubilet)

  • carolin shining
    carolin shining

    Doubilet is the Master. In my next life, I'm coming back as him...

Tomasz Gudzowaty's portraits of Shaolin monks

EMPTY KINGDOM | A Home For Media Artists

Tomasz Gudzowaty's portraits of Shaolin monks

EMPTY KINGDOM | A Home For Media Artists
  • Chris Toney
    Chris Toney


  • Juan Vanoli
    Juan Vanoli

    This is fantastic

  • Paolo Vilches
    Paolo Vilches


  • Men's Health Cures
    Men's Health Cures

    very cool.


  • Paul Singh-S.
    Paul Singh-S.

    Should I order the pizza before or after you have you have your way with me?

  • Fernanda Grezzana
    Fernanda Grezzana


  • Jamil Ahmed Buriro
    Jamil Ahmed Buriro

    Very Nice

  • Pedro Jorge Peu
    Pedro Jorge Peu


  • Veronica Forno
    Veronica Forno

    very nice

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de-stijll: Photo prise à l’exposition Monumenta au Grand Palais de Paris. Artiste : Anish Kapoor. (Frank Vervial Photography)

  • Sasha Ivanov
    Sasha Ivanov


Jet Airliner #04 Air France Airbus A340-300 Superlow Arrival from Paris-Charles de Gaulle // by Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner Photographer | Jet Airliner
  • Eerste Pchulp
    Eerste Pchulp

    Good photoshop? no sand moving, sound is enough for that and these motors... i do not believe it.

  • D Gator
    D Gator

    Eerste Pchulp It's real. Final approach for St. Maarten. My dad is a commercial airline pilot and has done this run before.

  • Younggun Shin
    Younggun Shin

    true or false..

  • JMFlanker

    Very, very true, like Darrin said. This airport is a mecca for planespotters worldwide, and many famous (for planespotters, anyway) photographs have been taken here. This shows a great artistic eye.

  • Raad Toufic
    Raad Toufic

    This is definitely true! St. Maarten Airport! I'm an airliner and have been there!

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Porsche Museum

Analysis of a kiss | Fab is Everyday Design.
  • Cara Dixon
    Cara Dixon

    Nice dental implant.....

  • Jeff Baublitz
    Jeff Baublitz

    This is awesome...

  • Jeff Baublitz
    Jeff Baublitz

    This is awesome...

  • Kristie Lake
    Kristie Lake

    All I can focus on is his dental implant :)

  • francis w
    francis w

    a humane beautiful connection

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Infrared Bean by Randy

Just Urbanism | thoughts about urbanism
  • Anne Shimkus
    Anne Shimkus

    Surely, you jest, sir. Millennium Park formerly Meigs Field formerly a wild onion marsh.

  • Lane Creech
    Lane Creech


  • Jen's Corner
    Jen's Corner

    where is it?

  • Lane Creech
    Lane Creech

    Millennium park in Chicago....

  • Kara Gutierrez
    Kara Gutierrez

    it reminds of flight of the navigator!!!!

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Camera Obscura work by Abelardo Morell


Kagawa Prefecture Administration Building, Takamatsu, Japan (Kenzo Tange, 1955-58)

  • Gina Minton
    Gina Minton

    Great architecture.

A girl rests on a con­crete col­umn of the Holo­caust memo­r­ial in Berlin, June 17, 2011. The memo­r­ial to the mur­dered Jews of Europe con­sists of 2,711 charcoal-​​grey rec­tan­gu­lar pil­lars, which rise from the ground and form a tight grid through which vis­i­tors can wan­der. REUTERS/​Tobias Schwarz.

Photo of the Day: Remembering

The Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975 / amaz­ing Viet­nam war photography.

The Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975

fish at the monterey bay aquarium binx

Aleksei Bedny

flores en el ático » Sombras protagonistas de la escena

"All the jumping and flying in Lartigue's photographs, it looks like the whole world at the turn of the century is on springs or something. There's a kind of spirit of liberation that's happening at the time"

  • Bonnie Groves
    Bonnie Groves

    I love this pic. Something about it grabs at me

Lartigue was among the first to have a fast enough camera to freeze motion and he used it to fun effect during the turn of the century.

After an editor calls ...
  • Nick Goodey
    Nick Goodey

    Love Lartique

  • First Click Internet Marketing
    First Click Internet Marketing

    Great photography.

photographed by Yanire Fernandez

Petra Reimann

big sister demonstrates a repin

Michael Levin

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee

    what is this bridge?


this isn't happiness™ (T. Monk), Peteski
  • Lucilíndala Smith
    Lucilíndala Smith