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maps I find that I'd like to absorb


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L.A. Times Graphics "The risk of cancer from air pollution in SoCal has dropped dramatically in the last 7 years.

Labels prototype for Tangram at Mapzen (by the incredible Patricio Gonzalez Vivo)

"Street Cloud" by Callum Prentice / "An experiment to render multiple Google Street View ® scenes as a 3D point cloud using the LiDAR data captured along with the regular panorama images. This version generates multiple views based on a start point with max distance and allows you to render larger parts of any city."

Chrome Experiments - "Street Cloud" by Callum Prentice

Nobody Lives Here / The 4,871,270 U.S. Census Block with Zero Population

Enigma Labs | Temperature Anomalies from 1964-2013

Enigma Labs - Visualizing temperature anomalies 1964-2013 by Peter Richardson

Citi Bike Rides: September 17th & 18th, 2013

"Earlier this week, Landsat 8 passed over Landsat 5. The two satellites were much closer to each other than either of them were to Earth, yet—as you’ll see—they’re still a blip against their home planet." via Charlie Loyd

  • Jenny Kline
    Jenny Kline

    I thought these pictures were 3D ultrasounds

map of migration of chinese people to their hometowns for new year holiday

A Beautiful Map of the World’s Largest Annual Human Migration

Climate Central: Surging Seas -

Climate Central: Surging Seas -

“If you consider where and how urbanization is happening in the world, the single biggest place is China,” said Tim Stonor, the CEO of Space Syntax, Ltd, which guides architects and urban planners on the science of building cities. It opened an office in Beijing in November, hoping to use history’s largest urban migration as a stage for its unconventional approach to designing cities. / via sonal chokshi

  • sonal chokshi
    sonal chokshi

    thanks Sha!

How We Made the 3-D New York City Flood Map - ProPublica

How We Made the 3-D New York City Flood Map

Coordinated Migration via Facebook data

Coordinated Migration

Every single satellite orbiting the Earth / via vuokko

Twitter / ShelbyWhite: Every single satellite orbiting ...
  • Eva D
    Eva D

    This makes me sad though, our planet looks junky. Not what I imagined.

  • Alec Perkins
    Alec Perkins

    might be a little out of date but

  • Jennifer

    Makes us look prickly.

  • Jessie Oldham
    Jessie Oldham

    Wall-e was spot on...touché Pixar.

  • Stephane Vermette
    Stephane Vermette

    Don't forget the satellites depicted here are not to scale and are much smaller than in the picture.

"Fascinating: Go to Google Maps. Turn on traffic. Zoom out to see all of US. You can see the snowy weather corridor."

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    very cool trick!

  • Katy Halvorson
    Katy Halvorson

    Quit driving DFW!!

  • HEATHER King
    HEATHER King

    We people in Dallas obviously can't drive in this weather!

  • Katy Halvorson
    Katy Halvorson

    So safe miss king:)

  • Jamie Frederick
    Jamie Frederick


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Ring Roads of the World by Thumb

Ring Roads of the World | Blogs | Archinect

stamen design | OpenStreetMap: Every Line Ever, Every Point Ever

stamen design | OpenStreetMap: Every Line Ever, Every Point Ever

San Francisco BART station walksheds

stamen design | Surging Seas v.2

3D Maps Minus 3D / "3D-Maps-Minus-3D allows you to browse one of the major online satellite 3D-maps, but with all of the 3D-information removed. What's left is texture maps: two-dimensional images used by computer software to add color information to the 3D model." / by Clement Valla / via Charlie Loyd

3D Maps Minus 3D

The paper looked at 1.5 million responses gathered from five different online surveys and assessed respondents across five key personality traits: Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Three distinct regions emerged: the “Friendly and Conventional” states in the Midwest and South, “Related and Creative” states mainly on the West Coast, and the “Temperamental and uninhibited” states on the East Coast and in Texas.

How Personalities Differ Across America [MAPS]
  • Rae

    I'm actually not trying to attack you here, and I don't necessarily agree or disagree with the conclusions of the paper. But it is based on several surveys that appear to have followed proper survey-taking procedures. Ignore or deride its conclusions all you want, but calling it "unscientific" is factually incorrect.

  • Joy Thornhill-Montoya
    Joy Thornhill-Montoya

    This is yet another of a long line of well researched, peer reviewed scientific studies with large, cross-representative samples published in internationally recognized prestigious journals that have once again verified this pattern. Nice variation seeing it in a graphical form - thanks for posting/sharing! FYI: most recent authors, other than this, on this theme are Thornhilll & Fincher.

  • Marilee Reinhart Davieau
    Marilee Reinhart Davieau

    Where is the rest of America?

  • Jim Merricks White
    Jim Merricks White

    I'm just not that convinced that friendliness, creativity and neuroticism are characteristics which divide America. This study is great and all but what now?

  • Ashleigh Armstrong
    Ashleigh Armstrong

    Yes, yet it is still highly generalized!!

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Interactive Health Profiles / PLAN for a Healthy Los Angeles

Relief Approaches at National Geographic Magazine / Martin Gamache / a stunningly comprehensive and beautiful look at cartography via jen lowe

Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata for Information Geographies mapped the most visited site based on Alexa data. Countries are sized by Internet population.

Most visited site by country