Ben Bruce, Asking Alexandria (one of the most gorgeous men everrrr)

Have I ever mentioned how gorgeous Ben Bruce is? Or y'know how awesome a musician? Or his voice?

And this is why I love ben <3 lol

I died at this part! Ben, you're so funny asking alexandria Ben Bruce Danny worsnop warped tour Bryan stars

*Danny Worsnop *Ben Bruce *James Cassells *Cameron Liddell *Sam Bettley *Asking Alexandria

AA *Danny Worsnop *Ben Bruce *James Cassells *Cameron Liddell *Sam Bettley *Asking Alexandria

What's on your list?

'Due to a coal shortage, Santa will be giving all bad little boys and girls Nickelback CDs.

Vanessa Hudgens at #Coachella #style

You attended an EDM concert this past summer, wearing high-waisted shorts, a bathing suit top / crochet crop top, and a flower crown,A How-To Guide

Danny Worsnop, Ben Bruce, Cameron Liddell, Sam Bettley, James Cassells - Asking Alexandria

Danny(lead singer), Ben Bruce(bass), Cam, Sam(guitarists), and James