Dock hammock...absolutely!

private deck with an over-water hammock and direct access to the lake! This is so awesome. If we ever buy a house on the water


What Are Antioxidants, Really?

14 Fruit Hacks That Will Make Your Life More Delicious Drink pineapple juice for some of the awesome health benefits like killing off the flu. More life hacks and facts ahead!

Transparent toaster

Transparent Toaster

Completely see through, the glass toaster is designed to put an end to burnt toast. Watch bread toast before your eyes with this glass toaster design

Air fryer!  The healthier way to fry food!

If you have a friend that cannot live without french fries this Airfryer that problem is solved! The perfect gift for french fries lover!/airfryer-with-rapid-air-technology-philips

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