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Shauna Morse
Shauna Morse
Shauna Morse

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The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. Yes please! Perfect for a night out or day out before you get a solid tan

Coffee culture and the tradition of cafe hopping is thriving in Singapore, so take in your daily dose of caffeine in one of these stylish coffee bars

Free Things To Do In Singapore   According to The Economist, Singapore is world champion when it comes to most expensive cities to live in. We hate how things have become increasingly expensive in Singapore. But what can we do when prices just won’t seem to stop rising?  We still need to eat and have some fun, so we decided...

Many of Singapore's beautiful Peranakan shophouses have been converted to cozy boutique restaurants and art galleries | 25 travel tips for Singapore

The Singapore Zoo is home to a group of rare white tigers | Singapore Travel Tips