Shane Rebenschied - Illustration. Book jacket illustration for Charlaine Harris and Amanda Stevens’ Dead of Night.

Gate Entry, The Enchanted Wood photo via sandie .I left the gate open, c'mon over!

Saatchi Online Artist: Vanessa Foley; Graphite, 2011, Drawing "For Sorrow"

The Ominous Black Bird - Saatchi Online Artist: Vanessa Foley; Graphite, Drawing "For Sorrow"


LadyE If this is not haunted, it should be!Great place to film a classic horror movie! Stay Safe while you to such Scary and Haunted places

Old Barnes Cemetery: "Ghostly tales abound about this derelict and overgrown cemetery which was used from 1855 until the 1950s. A hovering nun is said to float over one of the graves, and Spring Heeled Jack (a devilish imp with pointed ears and piercing eyes) carried out a series of attacks on people in Victorian times." Freedom Pass;

this dark scene with fog is good because it sets the scene and makes it look more scary and forbodes something bad which is going to happen, with the church yard in the background and the tree with no leaves

As series of illustrations by Irish illustrator Harry Clarke to accompany Poe's tales of terror!

The Beautiful Illustrations That Made Poe’s Stories Terrifying In 1919

Harry Clarke, Illustration for “Landor’s Cottage” from Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination, 1923

Inquisition/Ravens by Larry Vienneau:

Raven (bird, crow) Series- INQUISITION II -new larger version Intaglio Etching image size inch x inch 2011 by Larry Vienneau Jr

Deep into the Dark enchanted forest, snow white

I walked through the woods seeing the darkness around me. I have no fear for once in my life. I am a being of light i have always feared the dark but now it comforts me. The fallen angel.