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Tattoos I Want (:

Instead if always, family. With the three birds representing my mom dad and brother

fleur de lis, love these. I might want a tattoo of one.

Country girl tattoos

Tattoo I just got today!!! Love it!!!! It means God's Infinite Love, the doves symbolize peace, and Romans 8:31 is my fav Bible verse!!

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. If I was to ever get a tattoo this would be it

white ink tattoos with black shading

A cross on the back of my neck, just below my cerebellum, lining my spinal cord. The cerebellum controls voluntary movement, balance, equilibrium and fine motor skills. The spinal cord is connected to the brainstem which basically controls all vital bodily functions. So I feel it is appropriate, symbolically at least to have a cross where my actions are determined.

tattoos for kids names Phillip Michael’s Interpretation | Tattoo Ideas Central

wrist tattoo #tattoo #wrist #girls i probably would just get the cross but you get the picture! So cute!

A cross with doves flying away with pawpaw and joy's initials around the tat!

Fish hook heart tattoo....this is a possibility...

Infinity tattoo with a dove instead

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kids names tattoos on wrist - Google Search

This would be neat for me and my hubby If we each did a fingerprint/thumbprint and framed it. I would enlarge it though.

David always wanted thaf infinity tattoo. ( a Lemniscate as a numerator and a two as a divisor has always been "our" symbol. How many couples have a symbol? :D