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Hunger Games

The series that helped me get over the my Post- Harry Potter depression.

Hunger Games

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This.. omg. The Hunger Games.

Can you feel the burn?

These will never stop being funny.

Really neat fan-made posters. Notice the profiles in each?

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    Protect Theking

    If katniss is a real archer why does she immediately run for the capital now why not get a knife and run into the woods and make her own equipment

Never thought of this. The sadnesssss.

What amazes me is the trust Katniss has in Gale. She would never trust anyone else enough to leave her family in their hands. And I love that.

I actually never thought about it this way. . . i always thought about it in mockingjay but never during Hunger Games Book 1 . . . interesting

The Hunger Games trailer starring a lot of the Disney characters. This is actually really cool...

Prettied up for slaughter

Alicia Keys ft. The Hunger Games - Girl On Fire (Single)

OH MY GOSH! The reality of this photo. This is real Katniss.

A rare Gale smile. Loverrrr.

I wouldn't be able to just be his friend. Just sayin'.

Katniss, takes the phrase 'rebellious teenager' to a whole nother level.

Hunger Games is this song.


too good


Ahhhhhhhh hahaha!

Every time!!!!

"Sometimes they don't take those Hunger Games checks seriously...but I get such good Mockingjay points!" - The Mindy Project

Q: How are your archery skills? A: They're good. If somebody holds really, really still, I think I could kill them.

Hunger Games’ Valentines-these are great.

Hunger Games The Musical: The Deleted Scenes

I will personally kill the author of this article