Rhinestone Mercedes!

If it is the last thing I do, I am going to have a wondrous, galaxytastic-glitter car. Actually, I hope it won't be the last thing. A girl can dream.

#black #pink

black lambo with pink interior. I have no desire to own a Lamborghini, however I would LOVE to have black and pink interior!


The Mercedes SLS AMG (foreground) & the Bentley Continental GT (background). Another instance of when I'm okay with Pink, but more of a darker pink or closer to Magenta.

Ha! Yes Please!!

Swarovski Encrusted Autos - Bling is in. First a Mini Cooper and now Honda has jumped into the crystal waters of Swarovski studded autos with its Life Style Study on display a.


This would look awesome in my white camaro I buy after graduation! I want to add a little pink to the outside of the car so this would be awesome inside!

cover your car key in rhinestones and half-pearls. So doing this!

Even though my car doesn't have a key :( still a cute idea!

Pink truck

Look, no one is saying that girls have to drive pink trucks, but I know a lot of ladies who would love these rides! List includes pink Ford trucks, pink classic cars, and more.

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