DIY College Survival Kit. Good Idea.

DIY College Survival Kit

DIY College Survival Kit - One of the frequently forgotten things to take to college is a first aid kit. This would make a lovely first month away care package!

How To Create An A+ College Care Package

Tackle it Tuesday: College Care Package Creation

Take notes Diy dorm room crafts : DIY College Care Package Creation. If you send me care packages throughout college- I will love you for forever and then some.

Is this not the coolest care package for a college student?

Away From Home 101 Care Pack They may be away, but you can still care for them. Send your special loved one our thoughtful 'Away From Home 101 Care Pack'. It includes all the basic "dust away the blues" treats and gives them some much need essentials.

cute  packaging

She tells that she buys the brown paper rolls from a box store and makes them herself! Snail mail and cute packaging is all the more special!