Delightful ladybugs in the garden. Ahhh, spring!


Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to life but it will surely add life to your years.

11 Wet Animals Are Adorable, Whether They Like It Or Not

~~Lead Sled ~ Green Sea Turtle by BarryFackler~~

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Happy Turtle! This turtle has got to cheer you up!

Community Post: 10 Pictures Of Ecstatic Turtles

Our little glamour girl, Devi the hippo calf, is gracing this month's cover of ZOONOOZ.

ZOONOOZ August 2015

Maltipoo puppy ~ popular cross between a Maltese and Poodle, known for fun-loving and affectionate nature..

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Saltwater Clown Fish - Aquatic Connection

Saltwater Fish /Saltwater Aquarium Clown Fish

Heart tortoise art... ...

Hearts 6 - Worth1000 Contests

Belize is a diver’s paradise. Dive to prime scuba locations, view the exotic sea life and visit the world-renowned Blue Hole.

Belize Vacation Spots & Travel Adventures |


That's the cutest little puppy

River, the blue nose pit bull pup.

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Owl... Cute ... ♥ Let's protect our world! Help saving the planet so we can all live to continue seeing these amazing animals! Help protect their home also our home!

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Elephant love

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I don't usually repin all the cute baby animals, but come on!!!!!! duckie +kitten!

Community Post: The Pussy Naps, The Chic Goes On

Barred Owl

Barred Owl

I repinned this because it literally made me say, out loud "Well, that was just too cute." when I got to the last picture.

Baby animals | memolition

The cutest thing you will see today.---cute baby elephant drinking water

Cute elephant: The cutest thing you will see today.

what cute animal!

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Puppy Training Tips for First Time Puppy Owners (I'm not a first-time owner, but I adore this picture!)

Puppy Training Tips for First Time Puppy Owners

Mexican salamander (or Axolotl). Only if it was walking on ground and was half a meter tall. Smiles a lot, jumps high like a frog and goes to fury mode when attacking. After that it is back to peaceful self.

Friday Dopeness (42 pikchas) - SNEAKHYPE

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Baby sugar glider!!!! They're the best because they cant poop on you!!

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I love that little one, and the whole picture is darling.

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