36 Of The Best Funny Quotes Ever.

36 Of The Best Funny Quotes Ever

Don't worry...Be happy...It looks good on you.

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style Print

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The wrong one will find you in peace and leave you in pieces..

Now idek anymore. I feel there is no such thing as a relationship anymore. If you want to get married be prepared to accept the sacrifices. Over night Ive realized, maybe marriage isnt for me.

Nicki Minaj. Really Tho

My face when people try to brag about what they do or got! So Arrogant!

Oh so very true! I have four daughter and one son. Trust me everyday is a whole new day for new adventures. ❤ all my children

"How dare you let my kid call you Mom! You're just raising him for me until I decide to step up and be an adult instead of choosing drugs and dick over my son. I'm getting around to it!"

Rottenecards - People like you should be forced to carry around potted plants solely to replace the oxygen you waste.

These HOES just dnt get it... #NBA

Bitches be like and be gettin they ass kicked and I stay making money.

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I love cardi she's ghetto but she's the realist truth in this cold world 💕