How to make a money me, do it for a wedding.  You won't regret it and you will blow everyone's mind even if you can only afford a small arrangement.

crochet How to make a paper rose~ this is a really cool way to give someone money for (valentines, Christmas, a birthday, graduation, thank .

fed old book pages through a printer and printed silhouettes on them.  love it!! #decor

Such a smart idea (feed old book pages through a printer to make unique silhouette art). Not gonna lie, I'd probably scan in the old book pages first, and use the scan for the final print. I love my old books, I don't want to cut them up.

DIY Beaded Rope Necklace #tutorial #tutorials #DIY

DIY Beaded Rope Necklace - like this idea, you can add the beads as you go.wonder where I can find some rope.

Bohemian Tassel Necklace. Boho Silk Tassel Jewelry. by BohoCircus

I've really grown to love Gypsy Bohemian Tassel Necklaces. Extra Long Beaded Strand with Silk Tassel.

Pages from books become envelopes.

Vintage Recycled Book Envelope Set- Mini

envelopes made of old book pages (love the slant!) - old book, envelope template, glue or double sided tape.


DIY heart envelopes (use scrapbook paper for fun prints) Great for Valentines Day or the one you love.