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The Relief Society Sisters in Ghana wearing their Prophet Dresses to celebrate the RS birthday/ Souvenir Chronicles, LDS Church in Ghana, Part I

One of the things I really looked forward to on this trip was the opportunity to attend church in Ghana. As we drove along the Ghana coa.

2nd & 3rd Sunday Lesson Helps 2018

Starting in 2018 your Relief Society or ward leaders will pick out a random General Conference talk for every & Sunday lesson. What’s your plan once you know which talk it is?

4th Sunday Lesson Helps ~ Sabbath Day #2

Here are some helps for our second Sunday lesson on the Sabbath Day! The instructions below assume you’ve read Sabbath Day ~ Paragraph If you find you would like even more detailed in…

4th Sunday Lesson Helps For 2018!  Only one paragraph? ~ No problem! Here's paragraph #1 or January

First, if you’ve been called or asked to teach on the Sunday in 2018 and you’ve accepted, you’re our genuine heroine (or hero) indeed! We treasure all the brave souls at Chur…

Here comes 2018 Relief Society!  4th Sunday Lesson Helps

The LDS Church website has just put out the Sunday lessons for There are six of them, all of them the same topic (Sabbath Day) and they are only one paragraph long. Even so, they are bri…