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FREE DOWNLOAD of this poem on my blog, handed out to me at my Weight Watchers meeting!



Living a Changed Life: All I Have To Do is Track

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I Run Because I Really Like Dessert

If only... This is the Weight Watchers topic lead in for the week. If only I had .............. Weight loss would be so much easier. Great topic with LOTS of interaction in the meeting rooms. DON'T let what you don't have determine your success. Let what you DO have fuel your determination. Just sayin' :)

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Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculation System

Weight Loss Motivation | "Weight" No Longer LLC | Niantic, CT

The most successful member of my local weight-loss club was an...

Put one dollar in the jar everytime you work out. When you reach a goal, treat yourself with a new outfit! oooo i like this idea fitness

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This is an example activity page to start setting a small, attainable goal for you. Aim for something small, that you feel you can reach in a relativity simplistic manor. Let's start small and build our way up. Think about what you need right now and set the goal around that. Eating 3 pieces of fruit per day or going for a 15 minute walk outside are small goals that we can reach. Fill in each section and we can start working towards your goal.


Set SMART Goals Worksheets