vegetable garden fence

Fence for our Vegetable Garden

Recipes, Projects & More - Build A Fantastic Shed For $30

Build A Fantastic Shed For $30

Alternative Gardning: How to make a potato barrel using chicken wire

Alternative Gardning: How to make a potato barrel using chicken wire

Amazing instructions that will help you to grow 100 pounds of healthy potatoes in controlled environment – in a barrel. Just follow four easy steps and you

Simple Steps to Grow a Hundred Pounds of Potatoes in a Barrel & steps gardening - tips

When you plant fast growing trees, you might want to do a little research and see if the specific tree you plant will have strong enough roots for the amount of wind you have. You might find that it does or doesn’t do well where you live. 1. Empress Tree. …

9 Fastest Growing Trees

Growing a thick hedgerow, rather than building an esthetically harsh fence, is an excellent option for privacy.

Hedgerows: Grow A Fence: Organic Gardening

3 Great Trees for Fall Color: Why Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees!

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How to Grow Hydrangeas Tutorial for everything you need to know about growing hydrangeas including water, soil and light requirements, propagation and how to change the colors. Plus, some beautiful images, too!

So Simply Stephanie: How to Grow Beautiful Hydrangeas

Gallon of water, 1 chopped onion add to gal of water. let it sit under the sun for 3days and spray it over your veg plants, n flowers to keep bugs from eating the leaves. I personally used it on the lawn and around the windows n doors to keep the bugs n mosquitoes away and it worked. I read this in magazine from old sturbridge village. Cant recall what year

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Moss phlox - Phloz Sublata in a bird cage

In Detail: FP00231730

This could have been taken at any one of the places we lived over the years....Big shade tree surrounded by cornfields!

Miss Effie's Diary: The dew of little things.........

Pine wattle fencing (or wicket fencing if you’re in the UK) is a fun family project. Many trees and shrubs are suitable for the materials and it is a totally hands-on experience. In fact, there’s not a nail to be found. If you’re looking for better privacy and security, head over to our “Fences” gallery on our site at

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How to Plant Bulbs in a Container - planting in fall and leaving outside during winter will bring forth better blooms because of the exposure to winter cold!

How To Plant Bulbs in Containers

Build your own sand volleyball court- this is for Josh

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Backyard idea

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Painted Rock Tic-Tac Toe

Ladybug and Bumble Bee Tic-Tac-Toe | Chicken Scratch NY

Hydrangea colors

Hydrangea colors for your wedding

Raspberry trellis

Raspberry supports @ its-a-green-life

Reasons to plant a Eucalyptus Tree: * Incredibly aromatic * Grows up to 6 ft. per year! * Drought tolerant * The Eucalyptus aroma naturally repels fleas and ticks away from your yard

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Plants to have in your flower beds that will deter mosquitos

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What a great way to cover up exposed roots and dirt patches under trees

garden porn


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Got a bouquet of roses you really loved? You can keep on enjoying them, by cutting the stem, inserting them in a potato and planting them!

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Replace the light bulbs in an old chandelier with inexpensive solar lights. Hang it from a tree branch. You'll have gorgeous outdoor lighting without having to provide electricity.

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how to make a leak-proof water blob - without tape! #waterblob #homemadetoast

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