The Dead Sea

"Like the Dead Sea You told me I was like the Dead Sea You'll never sink when you are with me I'm your Dead Sea"
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As you will soon in be far away from me my thoughts about you and dreams about us Are Close and Worm. I dont find it fair. Take Care of yourself and your boys , my love❤

I'll even get up and make the coffee and cook breakfast to let you sleep in for a little bit in the morning. Than I'll come back and kiss you gently awake. If you knew how much of a not morning person I am you will know how much love is in that.

This reminds me of the time we talked in the kitchen at Largo, except for the underwear haha. But in that moment, I knew that I never have experienced anything like this before but its something that I want for a really long time.

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This is a love tumblr. Meaning it is about everything that comes with love: the wonderful, the hurt, the distance, the beauty. For those of you in love or waiting for love or recovering from love... I hope you find home here. My name is Juliet....

Blankies and Roman Holiday. The Best. (Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men)

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