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Things fits perfect with my life right now:) go to bed and wake up ready to face the next day with a smile!


Can all Religions please remember this? - In the end only three things matter: How much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.


DIY Cupcake Holders

Be Happy People. Or LEARN to be happy! Because life is good, it may be difficult at times, but it's worth being happy!

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I don’t know the actual meaning of maturity, but for me maturity is when a person hurts you and you try to understand their situation rather than hurting them back.

A lot can happen in a year.

Think about where you want to be a year from now and work on that. It will happen. Happy New Year!


Moving on without closure is the most difficult thing. It's like not knowing if your child is alive or not after abduction. I guess, sometimes, people need to inflict as much hurt on you as they can.