Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived - The Oatmeal

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived and Thomas Edison was a douchebag - The Oatmeal

Norman Borlaug - modern agriculture

Dr Norman Borlaug - Agricultural scientist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his work leading to the "Green Revolution" that helped alleviate hunger around the world

Emperor Norton

Joshua Abraham Norton, the self-proclaimed Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, was a celebrated citizen of San Francisco, California, who in 1859 proclaimed himself “Emperor of these United States” and subsequently “Protector of Mexico”

Maywa Denki

Innovators, inventors, entertainers, makers of contraptions and toy music machines

Paul Spooner

Automata maker, Paul Spooner, had mechanical interests from an early age. His work is shown by Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.

Eric Staller

A great book and an intimate look at Eric Staller's creative process; to show how his life and loves, places and times, have been inseparable from his art making and creativity" Inspiring!

Ira Sherman

Ira Sherman’s mechanical sculptures: yes sir, may I have another