Conch piercing with anatometal cluster earring (to look like 5 studs) and Tragus ear cartilage piercing.

Piercing: Another pretty/perfect picture of the piercing I really want! :) Terrified for the pain though because I'm a HUGE wimp!

I like the quadruple forward helix peircings, but I also like the lobe earrings. I'll have to find out what they are called.they are lobe piercings with horseshoe jewelry

Industrial Piercing

Tragus, anti tragus, upper and outer helix, as well as the rook. Jewelry from Industrial Streng.

[via Jeannie Cossey] ~Perhaps the most interesting I've ever seen. Wow.

if i were to get an ear piercing, this would be it (edit: not the gauge at the bottom though)