Peonies and Hydrangea

Two lovely bouquets from the hospital. Both arrangements have amazing combination of peonies and hydrangeas — but the top is my favorite bouquet of all time. The blue flower is a type of hydrangea I’ve never seen before.

Blue Poppies!

Himalayan blue poppies, like an Old Master painting. Broadbent Have you ever seen blue poppies?


I like this pic for artwork in your bedroom and go with this color scheme for master bathroom.need to go with a light, clean, olive green. Bring your pillow case that has your green color when we meet.


Mystical lotus flower by Mitsu-chan, I had some in my Coy Pond in Sand Rock,Al.

Creative alternatives to a standard flower vase. #SweetPaul

Spring Arrangement

- Gorgeous pink and green spring floral arrangement in a baking tin. (I see this bundt pan flower arrangement with a candle in the middle - lo)