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I love how she made her own wedding centerpieces by placing black and white photos into vegetable oil-filled mason jars. The oil preserves the photograph and gives it an aged yellowing effect. She added a sprig of dried lavender to make it smell nice. l

25 Creative Word Animal Typography Designs by Dan Fleming

Word Animals by Dan Fleming via webneel: Kids learn to spell very quickly! #Typography #Dan Fleming

Kanzi the bonobo chimp learns to create tools by himself - repeating humanity's first steps towards civilisation

Kanzi, a bonobo of the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, IA, lights a fire with matches, pops a marshmallow on a long stick and toasts it with care making sure he doesn't get his fingers burnt. At 31 years old, Kanzi is able to understand and communicate with humans via sign language and is now creating his own stone tools. by Photo by Laurentiu Garofeanu /Barcroft #Kanzi #dailymail_co_uk #Laurentiu_Garofeanu