This is the 1961 Mercedes-Bent With Hot Rods and Custom Stuff gutted a 1961 Mercedes then widened and lengthened the body to drop nicely on top of a 2004 Mercedes drive train sporting the twin turbo 36 valves


1963 Buick Rivera - Matte Black car Love the wheels they go perfectly with the flat black to finish of a tough menacing look(sb)

97' jag xj8

jaguar xj 8 sold mine 178000 miles on it and was still going well


Muscle car fanboys: your Special Edition Camaro has arrived. Behold the 2012 Chevy Camaro Anniversary Edition—a product 45 years in making, minus the sportscar’s production hiatus.

old bmw... fly

Grew up with BMW's so have a bit of a soft spot for the old models.

67' pontiac gto  !!!!

Nothing says USA like good old fashioned American muscle. Even though Pontiac officially closed its doors as of Oct. you cannot help but appreciate the carmaker that once was. Nicknamed the “Goat,” the GTO epitomizes the muscle car scene of the and

bmw 5 series m sport ... not bad

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