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This is one of my FAVORITE infused waters - light taste of apple with a hint of cinnamon. It will give you a HUGE boost of energy. Apple Detox Infused Water Recipe #detox #water #detoxwater # infused #infusedwater #drink #glutenfree #budgetsavvydiva via

In our daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.

We all know that going gray can be aging. But there are several other ways your hair might be adding years to your look.

Vitamins - What They Do and Which Foods They Are In by #Infographic #Vitamins

And Im the weird nerdy girl who knows all the definitions but doesnt correct you cause I want you to feel smart too, lmao!

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Why can't ish be the way we do things? ( my homework is done-ish, I sorta ate dinner, I might've talked to them)

Melanistic jaguar - Melanism is an overabundance of black pigment in animals and is actually the opposite of albinism and even more rare.

Kinda different...An albino pug. Such a beautiful little pug ( and nose!) when you get over the shock of no pigment. oh my god sooo cute!

I am pretty sure we are all well aware of cheetahs, a type of wild cat. However, do you know there is a particular type of cheetah, called "King Cheetah", that is extremely rare and unique. It is different than other cheetahs do its fur pattern. This is a KIng Cheetah