awesome local cured meats

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We are LOVING the Loon Call Breakfast Blend. An Ontario home-brew that is almost as good as you know who. lol! Must remember to stock up on this one and that other one before we move. :)

Livin' La Vida Local

Lesley Stowe's Raincoast Crisps..... seriously the best crisps (all flavours) for foodies- crisps, fine cheeses & wine..*perfect* - Crossing fingers that I'll be able to find these down south.

Beyond Cranberry Sauce: Gourmet Cranberry Foods for Thanksgiving

Another chip alternative that I really like; but just know that they are not whole peas... I felt deceived when I read the pkg and found out the truth. Also, the daily values are up a bit (ie: 230 calories) but that's for apprx 39 pieces, so all-in-all not that bad I guess. Very tasty. All things considered, these are still a winner with me. #BulkBarn

Calbee Snapea Crisps

Yum! Solar Raw Food Raw Kale Chips Hemp Cream & Chives Raw Nutrition Canada - I get these at Bulk Barn: svg size = 60g; cal = 60, fat = 3.5 but mostly good kind?, 0 chol, 35mg sodium,4g carb, 1g fibre, 1g sugar, 2g prot; plus vits a&c + iron/calcium

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Calcia Calcium

Free Sample of Calcia Calcium

Mary Kay Satin Lips - reminder to self that I need a refill BADLY!

Mary Kay | Official Site

ROM Nutroma cups - This is what we put in our Jacquesmotte coffee while visiting in Belgium. I want so bad to find these in North America! Does anyone know where I might could get my hands on some of this delicious creamer?

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Sheila Coutu

It may sound a bit redneck to some, but seriously... the joke around my house is: got a problem? spray paint it black! lol! But I'm not a great painter and I have used Rusto-lean matte furniture paint on my kitchen chairs the metallic paints on chandeliers hardward and I have used the outdoor paint on patio furniture. No one has EVER been able to tell, as far as I know. If you just give yourself enough time ... it will go on smoorth.

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Speculoos cookies.

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Speculoos - the spread! Even better when you actually spread it on the cookie!

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For affordable, quick-dry polish; this is not bad. Goes on smooth in a hurry and fun colors!

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ThermaCare pads really work. They are awesome. You can buy different ones for neck, abdominal, and other kinds of aches. And you can get a discount coupon on their website right now.

Home Page | ThermaCare®

This is the best chocolate in the world! (from Leonidas website)

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Starbucks. Get discount on your latte by using the refill mug and support a good cause. :)

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Sippy cups for adults! Microwave you Campbells soup, put the lid on and drink it on the run.

Campbell’s Soup - Microwavables - Creamy Broccoli Soup

Apple iPhone 4S

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From their website.... this is the BEST ice cream in the world!!!

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I bought a pair of similar gloves at a $1 store in Canada! Mine are navy with blue sparkle fingertips. Works great@ Love 'em!

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My hair's best friend!

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