Channing Tatum

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Reading is Sexy. Enough said!!!!

Reading is Sexy. That's my boy Jensen! Not only super hot, on my favorite show, and a devoted Christian, he loves to read.

Eric Dane

Eric Dane aka Dr McSteamy holy moly makes me miss greys even more!

Channing Tatum

God bless America taylor laughtner maybe the hottest mann alivve but channing tatum is definetly the sssssseeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ESSSTT MAaannn aaalllllllliiiivvvvveeeee !

Channing as a cowboy. My life is complete.

Is this really Channing Tatum with an army tattoo, wearing a cowboy hat, plaid shirt and belt buckle? Excuse me while I change my panties!

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw (born May is an American country singer and actor who is the husband of country singer Faith Hill. He contributed the song "Wherever The Trail May Lead" in the 2004 Disney animated film, Home on the Range.

country boys

No real cowboy would wear a hat like this. Lead rope is wrapped around is hand.


Channing Tatum To Be Named ‘People’ Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Next Week

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