Root cellar veggies

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How to build an above ground cellar

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Root Cellars 101

Common Sense Homesteading

Root Cellars 101 - Root Cellar Design and Use

Building a root cellar/shelter

Building a Root Cellar in Your Home

How to build a root cellar - **one 'dry' can storage room & one 'wet' root storage room**

Our Root Cellar- Can you dig it?

Root Cellar Option For Flatlanders.

Build a Root Cellar

Good Info On Having A Root Cellar

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zeer pot fridge - an alternative to a fridge for off grid life

Zeer pot fridge

Simple Root Cellar

4 very simple do it yourself root cellar ideas!

A concrete safe room in a basement

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Root cellar

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palette shelving - if only I have the room for this....

Remodelista: Sourcebook for Considered Living

Building a Root Cellar

Build a Root Cellar: A Complete Guidebook

Wouldn't this be the best root cellar ever??????? And enchanting place to head out to for potatoes, onions & pickled goodies!

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way cool - also dubs as tornado shelter (just saying)

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root cellar or bomb shelter or both

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Variety of Root Cellar Ideas

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Building a root cellar/shelter

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Choose a cordwood earth sheltered root cellar with a Sedum roof, built into the hillside. Unusual and unique, this little root cellar stays at a comfortable 15-20 degrees Celsius in the summer, and above freezing in the winter, even without added heat. The cordwood walls on the front keep the temperature from fluctuating too much, making it the ideal place to store organic vegetables for the winter. Deep snow will help insulate it.

Blue Fox Farm

Rustic Garden Sheds - from the funky to the sublime

The Truth About Building a Root Cellar

Building a Root Cellar or Pantry into Your Basement Design

Root cellar!

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How to make a root cellar

How to Make a Root Cellar

This is a root cellar built into the side of a hill with a covered patio above.

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DYI root cellar!

SuperNaturale \ DIY Root Cellaring

Root Cellar

root cellar with straw bale ?