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Exciting news! is adding a new product and launching their new aromatherapy malas! Add your fave essential oils to breathe in the healing and grounding Powers of aromatherapy all day!

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We started the Home Opener at with tips on how to get game day ready featuring a few of our favorite local brands.

Just a friendly reminder!  #sheMOTIVATES

Just a friendly reminder!

Kansas City

Mark your calendars and join us this Wednesday - Leawood! Live DJ bubbly jewelry shopping AND help us in supporting Doesn't get much better than that.

Ahhh baseball season how we've missed you! Who's excited to see our boys in blue? We are lovin' our tees and hats from Today is the perfect day to head to the crossroads and shop!

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This one tastes as good as it looks. creates custom cakes cookies any sweets for any occasion! The rose gold is such a fun look for 2017 weddings!

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This super soft Z Supply dress from is a must! Evie and Georgie has so many fun new spring styles!

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You know those staples you have in your closet? Like your favorite tees jeans and so on. is always a staple for us! We are t-shirt and jeans type of girls.