Too funny....Too true

Yes! Like seriously, every conversation I have begins with these words. I finally found this pin, and I'm so glad I did.

for those of you who know..

This made me laugh so hard. I love Napoleon Dynamite hahaha pretty much how I feel right now!


Bahahahahahahahahahaha *I just seriously laughed out loud at this!

I mean...I wouldn't but really...stop.

"What you want for dinner?" "I don't care" do you want me to cook?" "I don't care" (YAY I don't have to cook) "okay I'll order pizza!


Oh my goodness! My daughter does things & I think "OMG she's my mini me", but when I do/say things my mother would I'm like "OMG I am my mothers daughter!

Bon Jovi 4 ever. This made me laugh harder than it should have.

Bon Jovi roostet chicken dogs i'm halfway there oh oh living on a prayer

I can’t see! @Lauren Falk

I can’t see!

Funny pictures about I can't see! Oh, and cool pics about I can't see! Also, I can't see!

Can't stop laughing!

This one would be perfect for G-ma to get to work. Little green pea car! Yes, can't you just see smooshed green pea car when some uncoordinated SUV driver "bumps" into it? Not good- cute and efficient but that is a bit of problem.


Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: Just admit it, all any woman wants in life is to do Christian Grey-ish things to the entire cast of Magic Mike.