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    i write. i draw. i paint. sometimes i dream. i don't know why. but i do. i just can't help it.

    Also, this. I am all for sustainability as a concept. But, also, saving money is very, very good.

    Just in case we plant part of a city plot... :) Here's the closest thing I can find to a Seattle seed library.

    Ethiopian Yam dish.... again, sweet potatoes seem to have lots of yet untapped potential in my only-on-holidays past. :)

    A great Indian dish I tried when I went out for dinner with Arwen and Meghan Schuster... want to see if I can drum up a version of it at home.

    Layered Squash, Barley & Spinach Pie: Minus the Ricotta this looks amazing. :)

    Ukrainian Grain Pudding: I am making this for us, ok Meghan Schuster?

    ModCloth Windy City Dress I like this neckline. Is this too navy? Hannah Barker?

    Deep V-Neck, Removable Rhinestone Brooch Not sure this would look good on me, but thought I'd throw it up as an option for people still looking.

    Crossover Neckline Formal Dress Kind of different, but I kind of maybe might love this. Hmmm... wondering how it would look in person. :) Hannah Barker

    Can't decide if this is formal enough. Thoughts? Hannah Barker

    Maxi Dress Unique Loose fitting-- Many sizes available Found this one on Etsy today. I feel like the color is spot on... what do you think, Hannah Hannah Barker? I'm considering it for myself, but maybe the flexibility of it would be a good one to consider for Miranda and baby too? :)

    Delicious looking dish with an interesting story behind it.

    Explanation of some of the organisms.

    DIY Flowerpot bird feeder ~ site also has how to make wine bottle birdfeeders

    How to Make Homemade Dried Fruit Snacks in Your Oven - Yahoo! Voices -

    Voices Of Chernobyl - Part One by Shelby Vander Molen

    American Theatre - Archives September 2001, article on criticism by Todd London

    Margo Jefferson: an interview, long time critic for NY Times and Pulitzer winner

    Nutella Cinnamon Rolls... Not my cup of tea, but I sure know who would DIE if I made them.

    Am I The Only Feminist Who Liked Perry’s “For Colored Girls”?

    A great page of book recommmendations to add to my never-ending list.

    Judith Baca Website, lots of pictures and details to be had. :)

    Optional photo idea for Goal 3

    Goal 2, Posture picture possibility