You can sit there and blame someone else for the rest of your life, which you will, but don't ever forget what you did. Don't lie about it either. There is nothing worse than a lying hypocrite. You abandoned him before I stepped up and handled business.

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"Other girls: No thank you. I'm not hungry, I already ate yesterday. Me: I know we just went to a buffet an hour ago, but that's in the past. I'm hungry now."

"We should start referring to "Age" as "Levels”, So "I'm at level 32" sounds more badass than just being an old person."

Pucker up Buttercup, Karma's about to give you a great big kiss, People really love to play the karma card after they have been wronged, which leads me to question if what they are pissed about is just karma catching up with them...

Its true, if we cant hold back the laughter than clearly we arent upset about it enough to warrant the kids getting in trouble.

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