single dread with beads...maybe a couple more dreads. Would be cool once my hair gets long

single dread with beads.maybe a couple more dreads. Good way to try dreadlocks before you do your entire head.

Love her dreads. I'm still not giving up on having them... tried it once but my will power was not strong enough to endure the scratchy itchy scalp - I WILL try again though!

Girls With Dreadlocks Anyone have dreads ? We have selected some pretty good photos, we called the “Fashion for dreadlocks“. We all know .

Pin Worthy - DIY Treatments for Healthy Natural Hair Dreadlocks

Homemade Remedies for Beautiful Hair. I agree but not with the shampoo part, just use baking soda no shampoo for more natural healthy hair


Bohemian Fashion V ~ beautiful dreads, hairwrap and blouse. Chou Chou Bourgeois you better go make a dread in that mane right now

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