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fact families
Candy Corn non standard measurement
Did you know that October 30th is National Candy Corn Day!?!I'd love to help you celebrate by using this freebie in your classroom!Included are 4 different Candy Corn Story Elements to help your students think about a book they have read (or you have read together in class).

October - Candy Corn

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Daily 5  and lots of ideas
FREE Printable ABC Book: Use for Mother's/ Father's Day, End of the Year scrapbook, content area/ math/ vocabulary dictionaries.
Pitner's Potpourri: ABC Order and Guide Words - Freebie

Teaching - ELA: ABC Order

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free adjectives poem
Adjectives Song - catchy chorus (warning:  it will stick in your head all day long)
Adjective Worksheets, Adjective Worksheet, Free Adjective Worksheets, Adjectives Worksheets, Adjectives Worksheet, Adjective Printables

Teaching - ELA: Adjectives

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Grammar Rock (Adverbs)
Adverb Song from Grammaropolis - Do You Qualify?

Teaching - ELA: Adverbs

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Sublime Speech DIY: Pocket Games! Printable 3x5 printable cards for analogies.
Analogy Lesson
Analogies Practice PowerPoint. What is an analogy and how do you figure them out? 22 slide PowerPoint presentation defines what an analogy is, how ...

Teaching - ELA: Analogies

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reading poster
3 Ways to Read a Book- FREE

Teaching - ELA: Anchor Charts

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Synonym, Antonym & Homonym song
Antonym Sort

Teaching - ELA: Antonyms/Synonyms

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You put an item in the mystery bag and then have the kids take turns asking questions to try to narrow down the possibilities. It is great to develop deductive reasoning skills. (mystery item was mini marshmallows)
$3 Common Core Correlated Questioning Mini Unit
FREE - Asking Questions Graphic Organizer: Who What When Where Why and How?

Teaching - ELA: Asking Questions

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Robert Munsch
Robert Munsch
Robert Munsch

Teaching - ELA: Author - Robert Munsch

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Author's Purpose
author's purpose
Author's Purpose Activities

Teaching - ELA: Author's Purpose

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Freebie from TpT. A great way to review triple s-blends. Works well as a fun, engaging word work literacy center!...
Tricky Sticky Consonant Blends! Activities, games, and printable to help cover consonant blends!
Blends Flash Cards

Teaching - ELA: Blends

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...CAUSE AND EFFECT
Tangled Ever After- good for teaching cause and effect
Teaching Text Structures (Beth Newingham)

Teaching - ELA: Cause/Effect

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Compare and Contrast Anchor Chart and activities
"Now  Ben" to teach compare and contrast!
Ten Ways to Compare and Contrast. Be sure to click on the link under "Foldables" really terrific free resource there.

Teaching - ELA: Compare/Contrast

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cute compound words game
Lots of compound word activities!
compound words

Teaching - ELA: Compound Words

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mClass Reading Comprehension Questions By Reading Level
FREE Open Ended Question Cards for Higher Level Thinking
Entire reading comprehension units with printables, lesson plans, etc.

Teaching - ELA: Comprehension

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Conjunctions - Katie Perry Fireworks parody
conjunction Two Freebie Sets

Teaching - ELA: Conjunctions

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The Contraction Crocodile Crunch

Teaching - ELA: Contractions

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Read to self anchor chart
Daily 5 Sign
Nuts & Bolts spelling

Teaching - ELA: Daily 5

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Nonsense Word BINGO for DIBELS
This download contains 27 decodable lists of nonsense words that can be used along with any reading or phonics series to assess student learning....
Great ideas for practicing phoneme segmentation with your students.

Teaching - ELA: DIBELS

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digraphs center sh ch th wh
Digraph Practice  @Teach it with Class
silly story on how to teach SH, CH, WH, TH

Teaching - ELA: Digraphs

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Text evidence pack! I just like the poster with phrases to help students respond with the evidence
FREEBIE!  Ways WE Can Partner Talk!
Use this free poster / anchor chart to help your students pull the supporting evidence and details out from the text.

Teaching - ELA: Evidence

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Classroom Freebies Too: Cinderella Literacy Activities
FREE Fairy Tale Printable Pack {for Reading, Writing, and Storytelling} | This Reading Mama
Life in First Grade: Cinderella elements

Teaching - ELA: Fairy Tales

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$3.00 This is a wonder literacy unit. It includes 2 cookie mats, and multiple chocolate chip facts and opinions. Also, included are various extension sheets for your students to complete. This unit includes a nonfiction passage. According to the Common Core standards, students must have a lot of exposure to Nonfiction texts.
Students will learn the difference between fact and opinion and sort ideas that are provided as a fact or an opinion.  Then students will write his...
Fact vs. Opinion. Great online activity for kids. My students love this.

Teaching - ELA: Fact/Opinion

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Common Core Responding to Nonfiction
The difference between fiction and non-fiction video 6:32 long
text features

Teaching - ELA: Fiction/Non-Fiction

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Fluency Workstation Phrase Jar First 200 Frye Words
FREE Fluency Progress Charts
Fluency game

Teaching - ELA: Fluency

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