Guided Reading Activities

Guided Reading Activities

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Creating Structure to "Turn and Talk" Gives students ways to begin statements and guides their listening.

Primary Inspired: Reading Ideas ~ Ten Pin Linky!


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I was not a BIG FAN of the Daily Cafe's way of keeping student records. I tried it and it wasn't for me. I usually use Daily Five with the Cafe grouping strategies, and then pair it with guided reading record keeping. Here's a website with some basic info. on keeping a guided reading binder.

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This is a GREAT example of what Guided Reading looks like! ...also a link to several other great videos including Daily 5

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  • Tammy Williams
    Tammy Williams

    I think this is a great example of vocabulary development and locate and predict!

  • Marian Love
    Marian Love

    Good lesson. My situation is trying to keep the rest of the class engaged so they are not a distraction. I wish I could have seen the rest of the class. I teach first grade and I just love it.

  • Denise McClain
    Denise McClain

    Great example of Guided Reading. I can't believe how much you got done in that lesson! Your video was very helpful.

  • Alex Ybarra
    Alex Ybarra

    Would have been even better if she asked the students to make the predictions. I also noticed that she does most of the speaking. One girl raised her hand and the teacher waved her hand and head telling her no. It would have been great to allow the girl to ask a question or make a statement.

  • Gabrielle Chau
    Gabrielle Chau

    What a great way to incorporate guided reading into the class! This teacher is magnificent! I am writing my guided reading lesson plans now and this was a huge help!

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Guided Reading Lesson Training Video

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A TON of ideas on how to organize and assess guided reading. Awesome resource!!

Assessment in My Reading Workshop |

FREE - Guided Reading Cheat Sheet

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GREAT guided reading website! So many ideas! Blank running records pages, guided reading binder inserts and much ,much ,more!

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Comprehension Question Fans...great idea to have the kids have these readily available

Runde's Room: Comprehension Question Fans

FREE Reading Log Conference Sheet - used with students grades K-6

HoJos Teaching Adventures: FREE Reading Log Conference Sheet

literally *everything* that you would need to do guided reading in ANY grade! LOVE it!!!

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A website with several Guided Reading Lesson Plan sets for trade books appropriate to several grade levels. Includes some picture books, Magic Tree House, upper elementary, and more! Questions, vocab, and online activities!

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  • Ricky

    Booooooo. Good to learn to read. If u like books cool.

GREAT guided reading website! So many ideas! Blank running records pages, guided reading binder inserts and much ,much ,more!

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Reader's Workshop

Assessment in My Reading Workshop |

Jan Richardson-Guided Reading Queen Click on "Resources" for printable resources and videos of Jan in action!

  • Gail Levenger
    Gail Levenger

    Thank you Allison. That's great!

Finally a guided reading lesson plan I like!

Ms.M's Blog: New Guided Reading template...

I use this at my guided reading center

Staples® The Desk Apprentice™ Rotating Desk Organizer | Staples®

Amazing blog about guided reading groups

Inspire Me, ASAP!: Guided Reading

Guided Reading Lessons By Book Level - awesome!

Simply 2nd Resources: My Resources

Marzano's questioning sticks for guided reading

Pocket Full of Kinders!: Website Spotlight!

Free Printables for Guided Reading: Running Records, Anecdotal Notes, Weekly Planning for each group! Great for organizing reading groups!

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Elementary teacher's site - how to make guided reading more interesting

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Like this girl's ideas!

Erica's Ed-Ventures: Organization

check for understanding

Procedures mean nothing without Practice