Pray always.

Girl truths: Don't forget to pray today. Because God didn't forget to wake you up this morning.

Dear crafty people, Rap lyrics as cross stitch could be epic win. madamethursday: “ [Image: A needlepoint circle flourished with flowers and a stem with the words in red thread: “y’all.

how awesome!!!!

"How is it possible that out of all the Little Boys in the world. we got the best ones?" - Kids Room BEST LITTLE BOYS Nursery Vinyl Wall Words Lettering Decal via Etsy.

#DrSeuss quotes - sharing the wisdom of Dr. Seuss

30 Dr Seuss quotes than can change your life. Pinner says: I thank my parents for getting me a Dr.Seuss book set when I was a kid. Seuss books taught me how to be myself.

Christian Louboutin Layered Leather Hobo. Wow.

If you have to carry a black handbag, it better make a statement. This Christian Louboutin Layered Leather Hobo makes that statement.


"My Mom always told me to wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Melanoma runs in our family. Don't be hasty- embrace the PASTY!

Duck Dynasty.


Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson isn’t afraid to stand up for his pro-life convictions. "From the time you started inside your mother's womb, Thomas Jefferson had it right: you have a God-given right to live, for crying out loud!

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