Psychedelic nails.

Put water in a bowl, drop random colors of nail polish in and swirl with toothpick. put petroleum jelly on your fingers so the polish only sticks on nails not your fingers. Stick fingers in bowl, nail polish should float on top of water.


Love the shiny black cheetah print on dull gun metal black base nail polish. So many places to go with this concept!

Smoky Eyes

I LOVE black eye makeup. "I like black, cause it says 'I'm a whore'" Haha! But forshizzle I really do love black eye makeup!

sparkly goodness

This is obsessive! First apply a coat of black nail polish. Let fully dry. Then apply a sheer gold sparkly polish, heavy at tip of nail and growing lighter toward nail bed. Re-apply only at tip. I'm doing this with dark red!