"Ho-Made Pies" ÷¬ Not sure if the implication back then was the same as it would be today. Either way, not exactly a compliment.

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #156: Vintage Pie Girl


Old neon sign, "Cadillac FENCE Hardware", I wonder if the clock stopped at 3 O'Clock on the day this place closed? Lovely piece of / advertising hardwear ;

Too many naughty jokes... Who would name a biz Ho-Made Sausage

Hank & Charlie's Ho-Made Sausage (Milwaukee, WI) Vintage Sign.Did that say their Sausage is "HO" Made?

Complete Coors Dairy Die-Cut Porcelain Cow Neon Sign.

Complete Coors Dairy Die-Cut Porcelain Cow Neon Sign.


Design Inspiration: Get the Look: Desert Neutrals

archatlas: “Desert Realty Ed Freeman ” Some great road trip and motel signs to get you through Travel Tuesday.

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First McDonald's was opened May 1940 on Route 66 in San Bernardino, California. Definitely going on my route 66 trip

barbecue fridge magnet

Rudy's Barbecue of remote Shawneetown, Illinois boasts this stunner of a sign - and the food was good, too!