Oh my god I seriously have a bag of empty toilet paper rolls left over from a project and I'm afraid if I throw them away ill come across something I want to do with them later! Too funny

so wrong

Do these things drive YOU crazy? Or do you not know what's wrong in these pictures? Or care? 18 Things To Drive Your OCD Crazy


Quiet kids make me nervous.so this has happened with kids I've watched!

and breakfast. . . . and lunch. . .

Why do they want dinner every single night? -ha ha ha this is totally me this week!

No, no, no. I'm not insulting you. I'm just describing you.

Me saying you look like a large cow in those pajamas and like Mr. Ed in the face is simply a description and not an insult because it is a factual statement lol heffa!

Love this idea!!! I am going to make these with the boys for my back yard

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hate when this happens...

That awkward moment: When you walk through the metal detectors at the airport, and your abs of steel set them off. //// why do I hear my brother in law saying this?


Funny Workplace Ecard: No matter how bad your day seems, just remember that someone out there has to clean the bathroom at Taco Bell.


I hope to God that's Batman

Goldfish in bathtub with cat's shadow above. Goldfish hope it's batman, ha!

Something I would do.

I would laugh so hard if someone did this in my elevator! So funny! That would totally make my day!