Wolf breath

Funny pictures about Wolf howling in the cold. Oh, and cool pics about Wolf howling in the cold. Also, Wolf howling in the cold photos.

Death note keep calm

For my DeathNote fans

L as a Shinigami from Death note

Death Note ~~ L as a Shinigami :: He should NEVER Have been killed. He looks really cute as a Shinigami though.

Death Note. L.  Okay god damn he looks amazing.

Death Note, L. I am going to write your name in my Death Note, Light Yugami. An eye for an eye, my friend. Little thing they say alot at times

Awwww Poor Karkat

I want you Karkat!<<<this made me cry. <---- I want to adopt this poor sweet Karkat he needs some love im crying im crying Karkat your gorgeous you aren't ugly and you are wanted *cries* *weeps*

Death note

Light y Lawliet - Death Note

Homestuck.... the remaining bunch

Kids & their Patron Trolls

Light Yagami Posted by IJ

Day favorite anime "bad guy" : Light Yagami by far.

Death note My Favorite Anime

Death Note - Light Yagami and Ryuk. I'd heard of this show for years but only recently got around to watching it and I certainly enjoyed it. The audience is torn between rooting for Light/Kira and rooting for L. It's intense and a great anime for fans of

cutest thing in the world!

Cute husky puppy with blue eyes I want a dog like that !

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