Print out designs on white paper and put under wax paper. Use puffy paint to trace the images. Let dry and remove slowly.

Puffy Paint Window Decorations -- Tape down stencil, tape wax paper over top (so nothing moves around), trace stencil with puff paint onto wax paper, let dry, peel off and stick on window!

storing matches. strike pad on the bottom of the jar.

(used an old candle jar with lid). use a mason jar to store matches instead of an ugly box. Just trim the strike pad from the box and use double sided tape to affix it to the bottom of your jar!

Very Shabby Chic

Lace candle holder--made with old candle holder and globe ~ Like the candle holder idea but would not use the lace.

pine cone christmas gnomes tutorial

Pine cone babies, faces by the bag at Michaels, cut the hands felt ,make cone hats glue together . Add glitter to hats or cones ! Mobile or ornament with fishing wire . Also going to try pinecone snowmen for Snowman Week!

Toilet Paper Roll Art | Crafts and DIY Community

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts--I saved my first empty toilet paper roll this morning! this is awesome!