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Pencil fidgets - They allow the student to have something to move around in their hands. Students that require such fidgets have a need for sensory stimulation, and fidgets provide that within the classroom setting. I know about 50 kids... and myself who would benefit from these.

An entire Pinterest board of idioms and figurative language.

Adult ADHD Slideshow: ADHD Time Management and Organization Tips. Awesome for those with or without ADHD!

Conversation Paceboard is designed to help individuals with imprecise articulation and a fast speaking rate to pace their speech and improve their intelligibility in conversation

Ok... so I know this is inappropriate but it's sooo funny!

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    This makes me feel better about taking the lazy/gift card way out ;)

Website similar to boardmaker, with lots of real photos :)

Prelinguistic communication development in children with childhood apraxia of speech: A retrospective analysis, International Journal of Spe...

Encoding, memory, and transcoding deficits in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, Informa Healthcare

Early Development in Infants at Risk of Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Longitudinal Investigation

Articulation Tip: Mastering Slow Rate of Speech! Actually very helpful!

Insurers need to understand that childhood apraxia of speech is not a developmental delay and should be reimbursed. Here’s information you need to appeal a denial.

happens all the time!

Collection of ASHA practice policy documents and journal articles on working with adolescents with speech and language disorders

this method is how the rest of the world introduces food to children (and how Western culture did as well before Gerber made us think we needed special baby food). As a professional, I wish more families did this!!!

WOW! The Hasbro site has more sheets of characters for Guess Who that you can download. As an SLP, this is one of my favorite therapy games for language skills.

Library for each consonant and vowel of animated articulatory diagrams, step-by-step descriptions, and video-audio of the sound spoken in context

Only 1 of 25 can do this. I have no idea how!?!?

How voice works - animated clip

Speechy Musings: A FREE DOWNLOAD targeting figurative language including idioms, metaphors, and similes! There are 17 short stories filled with figurative language included as well as a graphic organizer and story elements die! REPinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins