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AMC The Walking Dead, Zombie Apocalypse Birthday Party Ideas

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Art Sculpture Baby Doll Arms Coffee table Art Home Decor Fun Modern Art Log Zombies Ruler Holder

I want this!!!!!!!!!!! The Walking Dead The Talking Dead Inspired Art by Bubbletubes, $14.98

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"If someone had this made for me for a birthday, I would literally cry tears of joy. And when I use the word literally. I don't mean metaphorically." #CookingDead

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Hand Painted The Walking Dead Shoes

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Our zombie party favors included tic tacs for pills, one zombie infection tag, a small water gun, a zombie button, one stretchy brain and various stickers and candy, including a Twinkie. The bags were simple sandwich bags with red paint smeared across.

Valentine UnDeadTed offering you his heart

Valentine UnDeadTed offering you his heart. £59.00, via Etsy. Love the warning: "Please note this is NOT intended as a toy and as such is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN."