Blue wren.

Blue wren - What kind of bird is this? There are no blue wren wrens. This poor little guy looks like he might be a (superb?) fairy wren in the middle of moulting.


One of my favourite photographers Kristian Schuller has released an ebook of his magical work, entitled 90 Days, One dream. In 90 days, Kristian Schuller trav…

Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies by Elmira Amirova. Before metamorphosis the larva survive by eating the milkweed plant. This adaptation that monarch butterflies evolved protects them during their imago stage from predators such as birds.


borgdena: Pauldrons and Arm Braces by vofffka detailed armour / armor


lime, teal, emerald, blue and black. glamour inspired by peacock feather inspired

Very unusual headdress...

Photography by Gladys Ng, flower hat

circa 1860 Coat via MMA

Latvian Coat circa 1860 via Metropolitan Museum of Art Online Collection

Tiles of Portugal

Painted tile façade in Porto, Portugal azulejos vintage old pattern bleu blue cobalt white


Lee Alexander McQueen – R.P Alexander Mcqueen with skull and cigarettes by Tim Walker

× Versailles—the private apartments of Marie-Antoinette / #decadence #interior #paris #details

Window treatment details from the Cabinet de la Méridienne, one of the private apartments of Marie Antoinette at the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France Photography by: Thomas GarnierImage

Poka Dot Wedding Dress: I didn't think I'd ever like anything that wasn't white or at least close, but I love the polka dots.

at the carnival

§ Through the Rainbow Sorbet Lens - carnival swings


color inspiration for a granny square afghan

Black and White Shadow

"This is what I am going for with my design; the idea of light casting shadows of a beautiful pattern" This photo is just brilliant.


Al-Madinah, a sacred city Ceiling Pattern like, Prophet Mohammeds city photos by Maitha bint Khalid


Art Deco Orpheum Theatre Ceiling and Chandelier, Minneapolis, Minnesota